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Norway, baby!


I just got back from a wonderful holiday in Norway with my bestie, Sonne. We hadn’t seen each other for around 4 years (she lives in Sweden and I live in the UK so it’s tough!) but what a way to get back together!

While we were on the train, half delirious from lack of sleep, we started writing our “Quotes of the Day” which I have kept track of in my diary. I thought they were too good not to share.

1. Sonne: I think I’m meant to be Norwegian.

Xowie: Well, we’ll find out won’t we? If you come up in a rash, it’s probably not meant to be! (June 24th)

2. Sonne: Am I saying “clean” or am I saying “reindeer”?

Xowie: Could be one or the other.

Sonne: I dunno, if someone gives me a bleach sandwich, I wouldn’t be happy. (June 24th)

3. Xowie: My god! We’re in Wales! (June 24th)

4. (Imaginary customs official) Do you have anything to declare?

Xowie: *Motions “No” while eating all the animals. (June 25th)

5. I can’t get no…re-e-ception. No, no, no. Hey, hey, hey. (June 25th)

6. Xowie: These nanimals make me happy. Om nom nom nom. (June 25th)

7. Sonne: It’s getting more fjord-y, isn’t it? PS. I have butt ache. (June 25th)

8. Xowie: We’re in Herbal Essences territory.

Sonne: Possibly bordering into Timotei land. (June 25th)

9. Xowie: *sitting on a coach* Ooh, I felt like I was on the train still, then.

Sonne: (Later on) Oh I just felt like I was on a train too. It changes your perspective on reality. Like sea legs, but train eyes. (June 25th)

10. Sonne: Is that my ring? (June 26th)

11. Xowie: Bottoms up!

Sonne: Bottoms up, balls north! (June 26th)

11. Max (Underdawg Tattoo) High five for the British! (June 26)

12. Idunn (from Tromso Bed and Books) The only whales I’ve seen are…dead. (June 27th)

13. Xowie: *clutches tummy after mountains of food* I wish I could levitate. (June 28)

14. Sonne: Got an infection? Come to Norway! (June 29)

15. Sonne: Margery, this isn’t on. Who brings a Humvee to a camping site? (June 29)

16. Sonne: You’re in Scandanavia now, love; whip ’em out. (June 29)

17. Xowie: I can’t just sit outside someone else’s tent and fart. (June 29)

18. Xowie: Go away, Liam Neeson! (June 29)

19. Xowie: Sometimes, when I run back from the kitchen, my thighs clap me along as if to say “Well done, Xowie, you CAN exercise!” (29 June) 

20. Sonne: Norway makes me violent. (Every day)

Love those crazy days!




I opened a new blog on here yesterday which is going to be just for my writing. This blog will be my personal one, with all the usual ramblings and bakery adventures and the other will be to post my writing, talk about my book, works in progress and other such things.

I logged on this evening to catch up on the posts from the blogs that I follow and with the intention of getting on with customising the writing blog. I have done one of those things. The thought of getting into sorting out the new blog right now just makes me want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep. I think that the new plan is going to be to have a sleep in on Sunday, get up, do the housework and then play with the new blog.

Of course, the other danger of getting stuck into the new blog this evening is that it might wake me up! I will get really into it and then won’t go to bed until stupid o’clock. This will result in my being like an extra in ‘Shaun of the Dead’ all day at work tomorrow.

So, Sunday it is!