“He looks like the kind of man who’d have a hawk.”

— David.


Plan review.


In 2010, I created a Plan. Not a plan, but a Plan. I decided to look it up again and see what, if anything I have accomplished towards it. Read on for the 2010 thought processes…

It’s been a crazy few weeks, emotionally and mentally speaking. My head is constantly whirring with thoughts, desires, plans, dreams, fears and reality. It’s getting to be pretty loud and I’d quite like some quiet.

I’ve really taken stock of where I am at the moment, what I want – what’s important to me out of the list of things I’d like – and what I need to work towards.

Travelling. Once so important. Now insignificant in comparison. I think my desire to travel crops up when I want to run away from something. I’m very much of the opinion that I can visit places I want to see on holiday. I also think that I have too much faith in the human race to travel. I trust people too easily and would easily be taken advantage of in some far off place where someone offers to lend a hand with someone but really only wants to pinch my credit card.

The original plan was to be in Spain for up to 18 months before going off around the world.

The plan as it sits at the moment is this (2010):

Stay in Spain long enough to get a deposit together for a room in Bath/Bristol as well as a few months’ rent if work is short.

Get enough money together to pay for my Foundation Certificate in Funeral Studies.

— Complete the course.

— Get a job as a trainee Funeral Director.

— Qualify.

— Be happy.

— Move to a flat – preferably after course completion but that depends on money.

Get a cat.

— Decorate. (Home and self)

— Save money.

— Take holidays.

— Bag a man. Have some babies.

— Enjoy life. Make friends.

Back to the present (2013). So, as we know, Spain didn’t work out. The things that I have struck through on the list either didn’t happen or the plans have changed.

I bagged myself a man – 2 happy years and counting. That’s a tick in the box, and it was an unexpected development, too! No babies yet but we’ll get to that at some point.

I have made steps in the desire to be a Funeral Director. I took part of the course at the end of last year. The reason I have struck it off is that the way it is done has changed since the original plan. There isn’t anything else I can really do study wise now without being employed. I am hoping to meet with someone locally soon to have a talk about things.

I have taken holidays since the plan was made and I am having a holiday with my bestie later in the year which will be so good. I have never been on holiday like that before, I can’t wait!

Self decoration is ongoing. Hurrah!

Moving into a new home in the next couple of months. We will still be renting for now but it is a lovely little place in a beautiful village. We are hoping to go and investigate the local pub next weekend, too.

Saving money is something that I am working on. I have a plan to be debt-free by 30. (Technically that gives me until the dat before my 31st birthday!) This plan is something that I need to continue to earn the salary that I currently do so this part of the new plan is subject to change. The point is that I am making an effort to save. The only issue is that if I manage to get somewhere with the funeral service, I won’t be earning what I do now so need to be aware that while I can save at the moment, I may not always be able to. This portion of the plan needs to remain fairly flexible.

Last time I posted on here it was my first day at my new job. I am really enjoying it. It is bloody hard  work and I’m not sure my body likes it as much as I do (I have a new hernia and am having surgery to correct the new one and the existing one on May 7th) but I like the money. 

Anyway. I think the Plan is going well. The desire I have to be a funeral director is stronger than ever. I WILL do it one day. I am determined to.



So much has happened since my last proper update!

I got a new job and started it on Wednesday. It is more money and means that I don’t work weekends anymore! Hurrah! I am so glad that my first week turned out to be 3 days instead of 5. I was ablsolutely shattered by the end of it but it was good to gently get into it. This week is the first full week and I can’t wait.

When I left my old job I was so sad. I miss the people I worked with and I think it was so difficult because I wasn’t leaving because I didn’t like my job. I adored it. I just got tired of scraping by every month. To be fair to them, they tried to get me more money but it wasn’t going to work, so I left. There were times when I felt underappreciated too. Not that I am expecting praise for everything I do – nothing of the sort – but, well, there were things I did that were barely acknowledged. Leave it at that.

My new job is as a Buyer for a company that buys car parts for remanufacture. It’s really physical. I am learning the ropes at the moment and going out and about with my colleague but in 6 weeks or so I will be let loose. I am trying to absorb as much information as I can, despite the boss saying that he isn’t worried about that at the moment and just wants me to see what it’s all about but me being me, I want to try and get learning as soon as possible, It’s been three days and I am already worrying that I don’t know enough. Typical Xowie, that is!

This is my first weekend off. It feels so unusual to have two days off in a row but I like it! I am hoping to get a car because at the moment I am up at 6am and home at 7pm so it would be good not to have to rely on public transport. We’ll see how that goes.

David and I are looking at buying a house this year. We haven’t really started looking yet but it is on the cards. It will be so nice to get out of Plymouth.

Things are looking good. We are both working hard but just as smitten and loved up as ever. I can’t believe that we have been together for 2 years in March and on the 18th it is 2 years since we met in person for the first time. It’s true what they say. Time flies when you’re having fun.


Lyrical mishap.


David – The arse of disappointment?
Me – Yeah. You don’t want to get caught by the arse of disappointment.
David – Otherwise you’ll be pulled into the fallopian tube of fate.

So slack!


I could not believe it when I logged on here and saw that it has been almost a month since my last post.

We had a massive drama llama at work which took up three weeks.

The cross trainer we ordered at home arrived and was broken. I have had a replacement now and it is lovely although I haven’t used it much. Starting properly on Monday when some kind of normality is restored at home. David is rehearsing for a production which starts on Thursday. I am so looking forward to seeing it but also looking forward to getting some time together. I am also excited about making the cast and crew a lime and passionfruit cake for opening night! 

I am excited that I have finally taken the first steps into my dream career:



I think that I am going to prep a mailshot prosptecting and potential opportunities with local funeral homes. Wish me luck!

What a few weeks!


I’ve barely had time to scratch my butt recently. We had a really busy time of it at work, closing one shop and moving up the road in to bigger and better premises. Then it was the madness that is the Back to School rush. We are finally getting settled in to the new place.  Next up is the Autumn/Winter moves which are going to be a nightmare! We’ll get through it though.

David and I have started looking at houses with the view to buying somewhere. It’s very exciting. One place we looked at is absolutely beautiful and we both love it. Typically, the vendor had found another property but was waiting to sell hers before making an offer on the one she wanted. The one she wanted had been on the market for three years and sold two weeks before we went to view her house. We are still trying to get our ducks in a row so I don’t really think that she is going to want to hang about, which is understandable and a little saddening as the house is so beautiful but I really couldn’t blame her if she decided to stay put. We’ll see what transpires. D and I are still looking for others but that one is really something.

I am getting my new phone at some point today. My contract was up and it was time for an upgrade. I have gone for quite possibly the biggest handset on the planet which would give the mobiles of the 80s a run for their money. It comes with a stylus. I like to play Draw Something. I’m embarrassed to admit that that influenced my decision a little bit! There is a cooling off period so if I feel too much like Dom Joly, I can always change my mind.

Day off today which will consist of house hunting, housework and playing with the new phone when it arrives. I had a little bit of a pamper yesterday: eyebrows waxed, hair cut and coloured. We have ordered a cross trainer (elliptical) which is arriving next week. I had one a couple of years ago and really loved it, so am looking forward to that.

That’s about it for now!