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My first proper cupcakes!



Red velvet with cream cheese frosting. I don’t get to try any so hope they work out!


Boredom-induced ‘Break a leg’ muffins!


I am slogging my way through my week off. Currently on Day 5. Today will be housework related. The weekend is jam packed of fun times so I am really looking forward to it!

Yesterday, I got bored. We were off to Dartmouth to see The Inn Theatre Company‘s production of Twelfth Night which was fantastic! Having been on stage with them for the last three productions, it was really odd to be sitting in the audience but it was an utter delight to be so thoroughly entertained.

I decided during my afternoon boredom that I would bake some muffins for the cast and crew to share. I’d never made them before so was a little apprehensive. I think they turned out ok. They didn’t rise up as much as I had hoped but they tasted good!


I followed this recipe by the Hairy Bikers. I love those guys!

The first batch (with lemon curd) are above. I found the batter was quite thick and wasn’t sure why. Then I realised I had forgotten to add the milk! I ate one – just to make sure they weren’t awful – and was pleasantly surprised, despite the lack of milk.


My lemon curd went all over the place and the cases got super sticky but, hey, that’s part of the fun!

I decided, after the dozen lemon ones without milk, to make another half dozen without lemon curd but with the milk! The batter was much better this time around and they looked a lot more pleasing to the eye than the sticky ones.


They were really different from the ones you get in coffee shops etc. But the insides were so pretty!



Overall, I didn’t think they were bad for a first try!

They went down really well with the theatre guys too – as soon as the kids that were in the play heard the word ‘muffins,’ they swarmed in like a plague of hollow-legged locusts!





Today is the first day of my week off. It has been a lovely one.

Domesticity, laundry, bakery, filmery!

I got some laundry on first thing and changed the bedding. There’s nothing like fresh sheets.

I, once again, had some over-ripe bananas and you know what that means! Cake. Tasty cake. Mmm, cake. I tried to find a recipe that I wanted to try but couldn’t, so I decided to let Google image search be my friend. I found a photo of a cake that looked delicious (thank goodness computer screens are lickable is all I can say) and decided to try the recipe. This is the recipe I tried:

Banana and walnut cake. It is scrumptious. I’m not sure why my cake is so much darker on top – maybe I need to have it lower in the oven or something. (Any baker aficionados have any thoughts on this?) I said it on Facebook and I will say it again here: I still maintain that the best thing about being a (currently) childless adult is that you get the spoon and bowl all to yourself after baking.


I was worried that there was too much cake mix but I needn’t have.

Then, of course, the all important taste test. Cue one cup of coffee and a big slice of cake.

The cake is light, moist and tasty. Fab recipe, easy to follow. Highly recommended!

This afternoon, I watched ‘Psycho’ for the first time. We started watching it last night but there was something else on so I went off and bought the DVD this afternoon. It is utterly spectacular. Awesomely creepy, atmospheric and incredible. It as instantly entered into joint first place of my favourite movies of all time – next to the 1922 film ‘Nosferatu.’

Tomorrow, I’m not sure what I will be up to. I might tackle those housework bits that seems to get forgotten – cleaning skirting boards, doors etc. May as well! Off to the cinema tomorrow evening to see ‘Ted.’ Should be fun!

Ripe bananas. I love ’em!


I had four over-ripe bananas left in the fruit bowl today. The result? One banana and carrot cake and twelve banana buns.

They are all in the oven as I type this…Pics to follow later!




I think I went a bit mad with the lemon curd but hopefully it will be a success! Let’s face it, though, there really isn’t such a thing as too much lemon curd!

Behold the (slightly wonky) lemon drizzle Victoria sponge:

So much filling! Home made butter icing, lemon drizzle and shop bought lemon curd.

And then, the silly finishing touch:

Lovely! Let’s hope it tastes ok.



And, relax!


Hurrah! It is my day off tomorrow. I am going to have a lovely sleep in and then wander into town in search of baking supplies.

David’s birthday is tomorrow and I am baking him a birthday cake! I am very excited. I need to buy cake tins and some ingredients. Hopefully it will be a success. Chances are that it is going to be a bit of a beast!

We went shopping the other day. I mentioned on the way around the supermarket that I needed to get some (and I said this really quietly) sanitary towels while we were there. We carried on shopping and after a while, when we were almost done, David chirped up with “We need to GO AND GET SOME SANITARY TOWELS!!!” I cringed a bit and thanked him for letting all of our fellow shoppers know that my visit from Mother Nature was imminent. We finished our shopping and went to the checkout. While packing, he managed to end up with the job of packing the towels into the bag but not before he held them up as far as he could reach (and considering he is 6’2″ that’s quite a way!) and displaying them to the left and the right and the left before popping them in the bag. What a hoot!

His present is all wrapped and ready for tomorrow evening when he gets back from work. As he has a non stop day tomorrow, we have decided to go out for a bite to eat and a drink on Friday night. We are both off on Monday afternoon so after my appointment we are going to go for lunch too. Should be lovely.

I am so looking forward to getting to bed this evening! I really would like a sleep in tomorrow, as I said before, but it seems that at the moment that constitutes about 9:30am. This displeases me.

I like my sleep.

A lot.

The Queen of Hearts…


…she made some tarts. And so did I!

They are a little anaemic-looking but I’m hopeful that they will be ok. I was wary about baking them for much longer than I did as I was worried that the jam might burn. I went a bit overboard with the jam, but hey — who wants a tart that’s all pastry and no jam?

That’s it for baking for now! (At least until next Sunday, anyway.)