I am such a flitty wee thing at times. Bit like a magpie distracted by shiny things. 

I have been considering changing my writing blog over to a makeup-related blog. Since getting my thicker-rimmed specs last year I have been really lazy with my makeup.I used to make tutorial videos for makeup and put them on YouTube. They aren’t great but I do so love my makeup! You can see the videos here:

I recently saw some great makeup looks by the very talented Jangsara and she got me thinking about how much I have missed my makeup. 

For Cryste’s funeral I really went to town – big, bright, bold colours and I fell in love with makeup all over again. At the weekend, I did an orange and pink grapefruit inspired look. 

I think I would like to get back on to my makeup. 

So! I am open to taking suggestions for tutorials that you would like to see. I will compile a list and work through them! 



About Xowie Brandt

Self-discovering, arty, luvvie, tattooed, pierced, vocal, fragile, shy (yes, shy!), determined, caring, loud, quiet, bookworm, filmaholic, music lover, lyric devourer, random, gigglemaniac, cider guzzler, name but a few things. I'm a writer, actress, model, photographer and singer and makeup lover. I try not to allow myself to be pigeon-holed into a box, much preferring to tear the required pieces from a multitude of boxes and create something vaguely box-shaped that I can call my own. I'm unique, just like everyone else.

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