Sometimes, I really hate dreams.


Have you ever had one of those dreams that won’t go away?

First of all, while you’re having it, it is such a good dream that you will undoubtedly wake up from despite the fact that you really don’t want to. Then, when you wake up and realise that it was a dream you feel sad that it wasn’t real. You turn over, go back to sleep and hope that you get to continue the dream. Unless you are experienced in lucid dreaming and the suchlike, you rarely manage to continue the dream. Eventually, you wake up again without recollection of the dream until, suddenly, it pops into your head in glorious technicolour and you get to have that awful feeling of it only being a dream all over again. Needless to say that the dream will keep returning to the front of your mind all day long along with that crappy feeling that you had something, went somewhere or whatever your dreamtime experience was but, actually, you didn’t.

Sucks, doesn’t it?


About Xowie Brandt

Self-discovering, arty, luvvie, tattooed, pierced, vocal, fragile, shy (yes, shy!), determined, caring, loud, quiet, bookworm, filmaholic, music lover, lyric devourer, random, gigglemaniac, cider guzzler, name but a few things. I'm a writer, actress, model, photographer and singer and makeup lover. I try not to allow myself to be pigeon-holed into a box, much preferring to tear the required pieces from a multitude of boxes and create something vaguely box-shaped that I can call my own. I'm unique, just like everyone else.

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  1. It happens to me a lot. I don’t hate but feel sad about it being just a dream. But I like experiencing such dream lands.:)

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