Sniffle, sniffle, snot and other stories.


It has been an eventful few days, hence my lack of blogging. Today is my day off so I have settled down to have a catch up.

We went to London for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. It was fantastic! London was rammed full of diversions on the roads so it took a little while to get to where we were going but David was great: giving me a little guided tour as we were pootling about the City.

We stayed at the London Bridge Hotel which was stunning. (I must say, thought, that the only downside to it was the woman who was running the restaurant a breakfast. Her name was Carla. She was utterly, utterly miserable. Other than that it was fab!) We arrived on Friday evening and David took me to a couple of pubs that he used to go to when he lived in London. Really lovely.

On Saturday, after visiting the Tate Modern (which was mostly good but some of the pieces just made me angry) we met up with an old friend of mine from college. Bex. We were inseparable for the whole two years that we studied together. As usually happens, since we left college we have lost touch a little bit and Saturday was the first time we had seen each other for just over a year-and-a-half. A year-and-a-half ago was the first time for three years that we had seen each other! We always kept in contact, such is the brilliance of the internet and social networking, but spending time together is a rarity. Part of me was a little worried that it might be slightly awkward but I needn’t have worried at all. She and David hit it off really well and it felt like no time had gone by at all, which was wonderful. We drank four bottles of wine and were both a bit drunk! David, somehow, was sober. Lucky sod! After the wine bar, we went for a Chinese which sobered us up a bit. Bizarrely, I can’t remember if the restaurant had chopsticks or cutlery. If they had the former, it means I can use chopsticks when I’m drunk! (I can’t when I’m sober.)

On Sunday, my twenty-seventh birthday, we ordered our breakfast to our hotel room. In my semi-drunken state, I ordered ALL of the breakfast. Breakfast with extra breakfast, as Simon Pegg once said.

After that, we went for a mooch around Covent Garden which is just so pretty. I knew that David had something planned, but I didn’t know what. He said that we had until two o’clock so we took a leisurely stroll. We walked past a theatre which had a crowd of people outside. We kept walking and David suddenly stopped. He turned to me and said: “We could always…go and see the Lion King…” He booked us tickets to THE LION KING! It was spectacular. Such a brilliant, breathtaking, beautiful show.

When the show was over, we walked back to Covent Garden and met my friend Smithy, my former flatmate. She has been living in London for a few months now and, boy, is she ever just made for that place. I have never seen her looking so radiant and happy. We went for Mexican, which was delicious, and then for a couple of pints in the Walkabout pub.

It was such a great weekend!

We travelled back on Monday and both went back to work on Tuesday.

Yesterday, I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold and today, here it is in all its snotty, dribbly-nosed glory. God, I feel sexy.

I have spent the last twenty-four hours trying to organise David’s anniversary present. I thought I had it sorted but have decided to shop around a little bit. Hopefully it is sorted now. I hope he likes it! I can’t believe that we have been together for almost a year already. It has certainly been a busy year! A wonderful year. The first of many. This year is our year of the Hedgehog. It is going to be fantastic.


About Xowie Brandt

Self-discovering, arty, luvvie, tattooed, pierced, vocal, fragile, shy (yes, shy!), determined, caring, loud, quiet, bookworm, filmaholic, music lover, lyric devourer, random, gigglemaniac, cider guzzler, name but a few things. I'm a writer, actress, model, photographer and singer and makeup lover. I try not to allow myself to be pigeon-holed into a box, much preferring to tear the required pieces from a multitude of boxes and create something vaguely box-shaped that I can call my own. I'm unique, just like everyone else.

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